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Louis Paul MOTAZE

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«Word from the Minister of Finance on the launch of the CENADI website»

Ministre des Finances MOTAZE

Louis Paul MOTAZE

The revitalization and modernization of the National Center for the Development of Informatics (CENADI) only make sense if the progress and changes made there are known to users through effective and efficient communication. The main objective is to restore the image of this institution whose image has so often been associated with numerous dysfunctions, but whose missions outside pay processing remain largely unknown. After more than 25 years of hibernation, it is time for CENADI to get out of the rut. This platform is certainly institutional, but also serves as a showcase in order to restore a better image of the Center to users and / or potential clients …

Did I say client? Know that this is a good idea.

In fact, the new infrastructure that CENADI has acquired, with a large capacity, offers a varied range of secure services. It can simultaneously provide direct, virtualized, hybrid, dedicated, etc. hosting.
As part of the dematerialization of operations and budgetary procedures included in the National Development Strategy, which is the logical continuation of the Strategy Document for Growth and Employment (DSCE), the reference framework for government action, the CENADI aims to serve as a back-up not only to all the Administrations of the Ministry of Finance (MINFI), but also to all the public, semi-public and even private Administrations by providing them with a fluid, stable and secure network. It aims to offer its partners a package of services that respects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and information hosted.
In addition, it has expertise in training and support for computer training institutes, in the development and validation of their training curricula, proven through close collaboration with the African Institute of IT (IAI) Gabon in particular. Its potential in terms of professional training, certification, supervision of trainees, offers it the possibility of signing partnership agreements with public and private institutions in the field.
This site is not only used to create a web presence. It is also a question of affirming that CENADI, apart from the pay of public officials, has other capacities in terms of application development and training.

In an environment where the digital economy has become a real vector of economic growth, CENADI, through its missions, cannot remain on the sidelines. To paraphrase the President of the Republic Paul Biya in his address to the nation on December 31, 2015, it is “to catch up as quickly as possible in the development of the digital economy.” This is a real growth accelerator in addition to being a real niche of jobs for our youth. We can take full advantage of it ”. An inquiry which is more relevant than ever for CENADI which must henceforth play its role of Council of the Government in the field of IT in Cameroon.


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